Speak Out

Helpthembehave: Working at a local secondary school and in his community, Alex created a series of exciting and engaging ways of getting the anti-bullying message across, as he describes; ‘One of my proudest achievements is the fact that we’re creating a culture here where it’s OK, even maybe cool, to speak out about bullying and we’re trying to make sure that everyone knows who to speak to about bullying and that they’re not suffering in silence.’ Alex has since gone onto start many Anti-Bullying campaigns in schools nationwide, acting as inspiration and actively supporting other young people in becoming leaders of the future. Alex has won many awards- Pride of Milton Keynes award, two Princess Diana Awards and was even crowned BBC Three Counties Hero, has appeared on Sky News, MTV News, Gcap National Radio and even Italian TV, and is a regular contributor to Radio One, Five Live and radio stations and shows. Fresh from winning a national competition with the TV channel MTV, for coming up with a ‘Grand Idea’ against Bullying- Alex worked on an exciting mass media campaign to tackle the issue, with a number of top celebrities, including Dame Kelly Holmes (no relation)!!! And has just recently appeared on Noel Edmonds Sky 1 show, ‘Noel’s HQ’, in which he has spread his campaign further and gained many more supporters. Alex firmly believes that we all have a part to play in Anti-Bullying work, that bullies need the most help and that we can all make a difference. He is often quoted as saying, ‘It’s not just about Bullying anymore, it’s about looking out for each other.’ Alex Holmes – Anti-Bullying

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