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The Magic Story Teller: Anti Bullying School Assemblies – Considered to be among the top bullying school assemblies for elementary and intermediate schools in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri! This program WORKS!A school anti bullying assembly program about the dangers of bullying, how to identify bullying, how to stop bullying and how working together as a team and respecting others can help your students have the best, most successful lives possible. Bullying is a hard topic for many schools as it can be very difficult for children to “fit in” in our world today. The last thing a child wants is to be “singled out”, picked on or have to live in fear. Children often do not realize that bullying is not only physical but also verbal and comes in many forms not often openly recognized. How do I know about this problem? Besides my formal training on the topic, I was bullied in school both verbally and physically. I remember fearing to go to school, not knowing how to deal with being picked on and the overwhelming sadness that came with not being accepted. My confidence became non-existent, my grades suffered horribly and my problem only seemed to get worse! So how did I solve my problem with bullying? Let me show your school how I overcame my problems with bullying through “Team: Bully Free!”, a program devoted to inspiring students to see their differences as gifts, to work together to accomplish their dreams by creating a safe environment they can thrive in and how to deal with bullying in a safe yet productive way that helps both those being bullied and the bullies! (Chris McBrien). The Cutting Edge of Anti – Bullying School Assemblies!

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The Now: Cyber bullying can land you in court facing a stern judge and jury, a group of Surrey school kids learned on Wednesday. Sitting on bleachers in the gym, students at Green Timbers Elementary school watched a court case dealing with three charges of criminal libel against a teenage boy stemming from malicious comments he allegedly posted on the internet about his ex-girlfriend. The court case was performed by Justice Theatre, a troupe of six professional actors who stage scripted dramatizations of criminal trials for students in schools in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. The performance was pure theatre but the case, based on a real Vancouver trial, made for drama that was as authentic as that in a British Columbia courtroom and held its audience in rapt attention (Marisa Babic, Surrey Now Jan 27, 2011). Surrey students learn dramatic lesson about cyber-bullying

Publiclegaled: Our Justice Theatre troupe consists of six professional actors who stage scripted dramatizations of criminal trials for students in elementary and secondary schools throughout the school year in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. When funding permits, our Justice Theatre also goes on tour to Vancouver Island and Interior communities. TO RAISE AWARENESS