Meet Adam

Wikipedia: Jordan Todosey (born February 8, 1995) is a Canadian actress. She best known for her roles in Life with Derek, and Degrassi. Todosey was born in Toronto, Ontario. She has had many roles, including: Adam Torres, a female-to-male transgender character in the tenth season of Degrassi; Lizzie McDonald in the series Life with Derek and the spin-off movie Vacation with Derek; in one episode of Flashpoint; in The Pacifier as a Firefly (Girl Scout); and in The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio as Tuff Ryan at 9 years old. She starred in Santa Baby as Amelia (Wikipedia). Jordan Todosey Degrassi will feature Adam, which will be portrayed by Jordan Todosey, a very female who feels that she is a boy. It will be a unique character since Jordan Todosey made some significant makeovers. Absolutely adopting a boy’s gait. She is a character who feel like she is a guy but born physically as a girl. Adam, a trans-gender character featured in the hit teen TV show, Degrassi season 10 Jordan will be playing a character, (Adam) who will most likely be transgender. In the promo we see her more content when in mens clothing rather than in female attire, so I just put it out there and asked if she can confirm “Adam” as being transgender and she wrote this: *Not confirming or denying that Adam is transgender*. She does add “I’m falling in love with the character, and truly enjoying portraying him.” So she will be playing a guy, we can confirm that with her last quote but has no bearing on the transgender issue. DN Exclusive Interview: Jordan “Adam” Todosey